Global Marine Safety Services Ltd, incorporated in 2003 with a team of experienced and motivated safety industry professional. We emphasize training and personal development for all of our team members. We understand that building environments of safety begin with the training and continuing education of our employees. All Global Marine Safety professionals are encouraged to partake in continuing education as this improves the efficiency of our individual employees and their teams.

Global Marine Safety’s pledge to quality is backed by accreditations by top safety bureaus around the globe. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited by Global Group. Global Marine Safety is also certified by ABS, BV, DNV, GL, IRS, KR, LR, Class NK, RINA, RS, U.S Department of Transportation (U.S DOT), TUV, SUD and PSB. Through our worldwide subsidiaries such as China, USA and Asia, Global Marine Safety is positioned to serve the global market. Our customer services is available at short notice 24/7. We are the world’s reliable and trusted partner in safety.

Global Marine Safety’s current success has allowed the company to expand into safety training, such as the OPITO training program which is an offshore survival course. This is one example of the company's continual mission to evolve and provide clients with top quality safety services. International accreditations and stringent quality assurance checks keep our services above industry standards.

We at Global Marine Safety seek to be the world’s all-inclusive resource in the design, supply, installation and commission of safety equipment. Join us in making the world a safer place.


To be an innovative leader in safety that exceeds industry standards while forming relationships built on quality and trust.


Give Customers Innovative Solutions

Listen To Customer and Employee Feedback

Observe Local and International Statutory Requirements

Be Reliable and Efficient Business Partners, Globally

Achieve Employee Development Through Training

Lower Costs & Save Time Through Innovative Services to Gain Maximum Profitability

“Global Success Built On Customer Satisfaction “

Global Marine Safety aims to remain at the industry’s forefront by continuously improving services.

Our success is built on the satisfaction of our clients. Quality service, timely feedback and detailed reporting have earned Global Marine Safety a strong global reputation. This system has allowed our team to continually anticipate and evolve to meet client demands.

Regular communication with safety regulators ensures continual compliance with statutory requirements. Global Marine Safety’s promises clients that their needs will be met and all services will be performed at the highest safety standard through our quality assurance system.

We are committed to exceeding client expectations through cost effective safety solutions while providing the highest quality service.

GMS Operational Health & Safety

Global Marine Safety is committed to occupational health and safety for all employees. We integrate OH&S policies into our daily business operations.

Health and safety is the joint responsibility of management and workers. Individual responsibilities apply to every employee in the workplace, including the Chief Executive Officer.

Our pledge to the health of our employees and injury prevention is an example of our vow to safety. Global Marine Safety is dedicated to the occupation health and safety of all employees, suppliers/contractors, customers and neighbours.

We understand that safety is the responsibility of every employee. Global Marine Safety supports this effort through continuing education, emergency procedures, training, workplace inspections and more. Health and safety is not simply an additional part of an employee's job. OH&S is an integral, full-time component of each individual employee’s responsibilities.

This commitment is supported by top management and is the individual and collective responsibility of all employees of Global Marine Safety  Pte Ltd.

We continue to recognize and exercise our responsibility to:

Conduct ongoing hazard identification, risk assessment and the implementation of necessary control measures.

Minimise dangerous incidents and manage hazards through continual improvement through occupational health and safety inspections as well as regular training.

Comply with local occupational health and safety legislation in order to minimise industrial risks.

Provide appropriate occupational health and safety training to persons working for or on behalf of Global Marine Safety.

Prevent injury and illness of employees through continual occupational health and safety management.

Occupational Health & Safety policy and objectives shall be reviewed at least once a year and will be made available to: neighbours’, public, customers, suppliers and any other interested parties upon request.